Academic Departments and Program Offices

The Monte Ahuja College of Business is comprised of six academic departments, along with additional academic program areas. In addition to traditional, academic programs, The Monte Ahuja College of Business offers Professional Development, non-academic credit courses, workshops and customized training for organizations.

Academic Departments

Accounting Department​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Location: BU 512
Phone: 216.687.4720
Fax: 216.687.9354 (Attn: Accounting)
Chair: Dr. Heidi Meier,
Assistant: Marilyn Leadbetter,


Department Website
Location: BU 321
Phone: 216.687.4716
Fax: 216.875.9354 (Attn: Finance)
Chair: Dr. Haigang Zhou,
Assistant: Kim Hurn,

Information Systems

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Location: BU 344
Phone: 216.687.4760
Fax: 216.687.9354 (Attn: Information Systems)
Chair: Dr. Ray Henry,
Assistant: Denise Ivan-Antus,


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Location: BU 433  
Phone: 216.687.4747  
Fax: 216.687.9354 (Attn: Management)
Chair: Dr. Tim DeGroot,
Assistant: Lisa Sample,

Marketing Department

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Location: BU 460
Phone: 216.687.4771
Fax: 216.687.9354 (Attn: Marketing)
Chair: Dr. Amit Ghosh,
Assistant: Denise Ivan-Antus,

​​​​​​​Operations & Supply Chain Management

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Location: BU 539 
Phone: 216.687.4748 
Fax: 216.687.9354 (Attn: OSM)
Interim Chair: Dr. Amit Ghosh, 
Assistant: Kim Hurn,

Additional Academic Programs and Professional Development

MBA Programs​​​​​​​

Director: Dr. Heidi Meier,

Master of Accountancy

Director: Dr. Heidi Meier,
Assistant: Marilyn Leadbetter,

Master of Information Systems

Director: Dr. Ray Henry,

Master of Labor Relations and Human Resources

Interim: Dr. Tim DeGroot

Doctor of Business Administration

Dr. Ray Henry
Assistant: Lisa Sample,

International Business​​​​​​​

Dr. Amit Ghosh,
Assistant: Denise Ivan-Antus,

​​​​​​​Business Analytics

Dr. Ray Henry



​​​​​​​Professional Development Center - Continuing Education


Colette Hart, 
Ashley Hawkins,