Bachelor of Arts Degree - Business Studies Major

Bachelor of Arts in BusinessThe Bachelor of Arts Degree, Business Studies Major program provides an undergraduate, multidisciplinary business education with other topics such as psychology, communication, foreign language, art, sciences or previous employment experience.

Request InfoThis innovative, flexible approach provides students with core business skills and to choose to deepen their knowledge, either in a specific business discipline or other topics. 


Bachelor of Arts Degree - Business Studies Major

Minimum hours required for degree: 120

Minimum hours required for major: The Business Studies major requires completion of the following: 

Basic Business Core: 16 credit hours - specific coursework

Practical Business Core: 18 credit hours - specific coursework

Business Studies Major core: 27 credit hours - specific coursework

Flex Core: 24 credit hours - any academic level course from CSU or other institiusutions. 

Basic Business Core:

The Basic Business Core is 6 courses and 16 credit hours. Classes include:

  • ACT 221 Introductory Accounting I
  • BSM 140 Business Studies Major Experience
  • ECN 202 Principles of Microeconomics
  • FIN 201 Personal Financial Planning or FIN 351 Introduction to Financial Management
  • GAD 250 Business Communications (W)
  • IST 203 Software Tools for Personal Productivity
Practical Business Core:

The Practical Business Core is 6 courses and 18 credit hours and focuses on foundational business knowledge and skills in specific business disciplines. Classes include:

  • IST 305 Information Technology for Competitive Advantage
  • MKT 301 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • MGT 301 Principles of Management
  • MGT 321 Organizational Behavior
  • INB 301 Introduction to International Business
  • OSM 311 Introductioin to Operations Management
Business Studies Major Core:

The Business Studies Major Core is 9 courses and 27 credit hours and focuses on specialized business knowledge with an emphasis on individual initiative, teamwork and critical thinking. Classes include:

  • MKT 350 Principles of Personal Selling
  • PRM 367 Introduction to Property Management
  • MGT 340 Human Resource Management
  • MKT 456 Customer Relationship Management
  • OSM 442 Innovation Management
  • INB 488 Multicultural Marketing
  • Two Additional Business 300 or 400 Level Elective Courses of a student's choice
  • BUS 351 Business, Society and Government
The Flex Core:

The Flex Core is a student-designed specialization to use any academic coursework from levels 100 through 400. The Flex Core must contain 24 credit hours. Options could include:

  • Transfer coursework from another university or community college
  • Cleveland State University coursework outside of the Monte Ahuja College of Business 
  • Monte Ahuja College of Business coursework

A minimum of 120 credit hours are required to earn the Bachelor of Arts - Business Studies degree. 


Admission to major: Standard CSU admission criteria for high schoool, and transfer students .

  1. Math Requirement: Any two college level math courses which satisfy the CSU Math/Quantitative Literacy. A grade of "D" or higher is acceptable.
  2. Foreign Language Requirement no additional courses are required beyond the University foreign language requirement.
  3. Major Graduation Requirement:
    1. Student must complete course BSM 140 by the end of the second semester of enrollment in the Business Studies Program. 
    2. Achievement of a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 in the Business Studies Major;
    3. Student can earn two D grades among four BS major courses without repeating the courses. 
  4. General Education Requirements: 35 credit hours:
    1. WAC courses and 1 Social Science is a part of the Business Studies major.

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