Health Care Management Minor

A Minor in Health Care Management focuses on developing business skills for health-related professionals. Having an understanding of business principles, the unique challenges facing health care systems today, as well as how management and medicine work together can provide a competitive edge when seeking a career in health care.

Health Care Management Minor Requirements

Core Courses (four courses, 12 credit hours):
  • HCA 150 Introduction to Health Care Management
  • HCA 301 The American Health Care System
  • MGT 321 Organizational Behavior
  • HCA 420 Management of Health Care Organizations
Elective Courses (choose 2 course or 6 additional credit hours):
  • IST 352 Health Information Technology Applications
  • IST 452 Managing Healthcare Information Technology
  • HCA 415 Medical Care Organization
  • HCA 455 Analysis of Health Care Markets

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