Adding General Business as a Minor

If you are looking to supplement the expertise you are gaining in your major with some business knowledge and experience, then consider our Minor in General Business. The Minor in General Business can:

  • Serve as a valuable complement to your major field studies and give you a competitive edge in the career you have chosen
  • Provide you with many of the prerequisites for an MBA program if you are considering future graduate studies

How do I earn a Minor in Business?

  • For details concerning the requirements in this program, see below or contact a business advisor today.
  • All academic program requirements are based on a student's catalog rights (the year and semester a student is admitted into CSU). If you have questions about your catalog rights, check your CampusNet accout or contact a business advisor today.
  • For details regarding the individual courses listed below, please use the CSU Catalog here and type in the name of the course.

Current Required Courses (18 Credit Hours):

  • ACT 221 - Introductory Accounting I
  • FIN 201 - Personal Finanical Planning
  • MGT 301 - Principles of Management
  • MGT 321 - Organizational Behavior
  • MKT 301 - Fundamentals of Marketing
  • OSM 416 - Supply Chain Management

Independent study courses are not eligible for use toward the business minor. Approval of the program of study by a business advisor is required. Please note that the Business Minor is not an option for students earning a BBA major.

For Enginering students wanting to minor in General Business the following substitutions can be made:

  • FIN 201 - Personal Financial Planning may be substituted with ESC 282 - Engineering Economy
  • OSM 416 - Supply Chain Management may be substituted with ESC 310 - Engineering Statistics and Probability 

Only non-business students at Cleveland State, OSM 416 - Supply Chain Management may be substituted with OSM 442 Innovation Management.

All non-business students must contact the business advising office to request course substitutions and have their degree audit officially updated in CampusNet.

Schedule an appointment with a Business Academic Advisor to learn more:

In Person:

Monte Ahuja College of Business
1860 East 18th Street, BU 219, Cleveland, OH 44115

By PHONE: 216.687.3729