BBA - Information Systems

Information Systems Undergrad MajorInformation Systems (IS) as an academic discipline encompasses two broad areas:

  1. acquisition, deployment and management of Information Technology (IT) resources and services
  2. development of IS infrastructure to support the organization’s processes

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Information Systems prepares you for a career in information systems by focusing on the use of current information technology within the context of an organization. Information Systems as an academic discipline encompasses three broad areas:

  • acquisition, deployment, and management of Information Technology (IT) resources and services
  • development of IS infrastructure to support the organization’s processes
  • development of business-oriented application software

Graduates of the Information Systems major have the necessary managerial skills to solve business problems in functional areas, but also the technical knowledge to develop and support information systems of any scope. Information Systems majors have gone on to careers such as: Systems Analyst, Business Analysts, Software Developer, Software Implementation Specialist, Database Administrator, Information Security Analyst, IT Support, IT Project Manager, Systems Administrator and Web Developer.

The major also offers the option of participating in a structured Co-op program, administered by the Department. Learn more about the Information Systems Co-op here.


A minimum of 120 credit hours are required to earn the Bachelor of Business Administration Information Systems Major. The major program is comprised of requires completion of 39 credits.

Required Courses: 27 Credit Hours
  • IST 211 Fundamentals of Systems Development
  • IST 221 Information Systems in the Organization OR IST 305 Information Technology for Competitive Advantage
  • IST 311 Advanced Programming of Business Systems
  • IST 321 Systems Analysis Methods
  • IST 331 Modern Database Design & Implementation
  • IST 341 Management of Business Networks
  • IST 420 Project Management for Information Systems
  • IST 465 Capstone Project
Major Electives: 12 Credit Hours (Choose 4 Courses)
  • IST 300 Co-op Experiential Learning
  • IST 352 Health Information Technology Applications
  • IST 410 Object-oriented Programming for Information Systems
  • IST 430 Knowledge Management
  • IST 440 Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems
  • IST 445 Information System Security
  • IST 450 Web-based Programming
  • IST 452 Managing Health Care Information Technology
  • IST 461 Business Analysis
  • IST 462 Business Process Modeliing and Design
  • IST 467 Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
  • IST 470 - Managing IT Infrastructure
  • IST 475 - IT Governance
  • IST 490 - Professional Internship*
  • IST 493 - Current Problems
  • IST 496 - Special Topics/Study*

*Optional Internship or Independent Study for 1 Credit Hour