Program Requirements and Additional Information

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a major in General Business Course Requirements:

The general business major consists of 33 credit hours of 300/400 level business coursework beyond the BBA degree’s core requirements.  The requirements for a major in general business are as follows: General Business Major Core course OSM 442 Innovation Management, and completion of 30 credit hours of general business elective coursework from a list of courses from various functional business disciplines.

Students must select ten courses from the list below based on their interest and program of student (the on-campus or online program).  The general business major requires completion of an overall average GPA of 2.0 within the major course work.  CSU requires an overall GPA of 2.0 in order to file for graduation.

BBA Upper-Divisional Core

OSM 311

Introduction to Operations Management

IST 305

Info Tech for Competitive

FIN 351

Introduction to Financial Management

MGT 321

Organizational Behavior

BUS 351

Business, Society & Government (W)

BLW 411

Business Law and Ethics (W)

MKT 301

Fundamentals of Marketing

MGT 465

Management, Strategy, & Policy (W)

Major Coursework: General Business Major – BBA Degree Online

OSM 442

Innovation Management

General Business Major Electives: Select 10 courses from list below for a minimum of 30 credit hours

MKT 441 Integrated Marketing Comm. (3)

ACT 360 International Accounting (3)

MGT 301 Principles of Management (3)

FIN 350 Financial Decision Making / Bloomberg (3)

MGT 340 Human Resources Management (3)

OSM 425 International Operations Management (3)

FIN 353 Intro to Investments (3)

OSM 416 Supply Chain Management (3)

FIN 360 Financial Marketing / Institutions (3)

OMS 421 Service Operations Management (3)

MKT 456 Customer Relations (3)

OSM 438 International Field Experience in Supply Chain Management (3)


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