BBA - Finance Major

Finance Undergrad MajorFinance is concerned with the process, institutions, markets,and instruments involved with the transfer of money among individuals, businesses and governments. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance introduces students to the theories, concepts, practices and advances in financial analysis and financial management.

Students graduating with a major in Finance can qualify for positions in the financial departments of industrial and commercial enterprises, banks, savings and loan associations, real estate firms, insurance companies, other financial institutions and government and public agencies.

Our students enjoy a high rate of employment in public or private corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and government. The Finance major curriculum provides knowledge in asset management, commercial banking, corporate finance, financial planning, investments, insurance, real estate, or risk management. Our graduates have careers in all of these areas.


A minimum of 120 credit hours are required to earn the Bachelor of Business Administration Finance Major. The major program is comprised of requires completion of 30 credits in Finance, and an additional 9 credits in Finance or other business 300-400 level courses, for 39 total credits.

Required Finance Courses: 9 Credit Hours
  • FIN 353 Introduction to Investments
  • FIN 360 Financial Markets and Institutions
  • FIN 362 Introduction to Corporate Finance
Major Electives: 21 Credit Hours
  • FIN 385 Financial Decision Making Tools and Techniques
  • FIN 411 Financial Modeling and Corporate Valuation - new elective starting Fall 2023
  • FIN 454 Advanced Investments
  • FIN 461 Bank Management
  • FIN 462 Fixed Income Analysis
  • FIN 465 International Finance/Investment
  • FIN 470 Introduction to Risk and Insurance
  • FIN 473 CFA Level I Review
  • FIN 474 Entrepreneurial Finance - new elective starting Fall 2023
  • FIN 477 Real Estate Finance
  • FIN 479 Real Estate Investment
  • FIN 480 Portfolio Practicum (The Student Managed Investment Fund - learn more here.)
  • FIN 485 Financial Statement Analysiis
  • FIN 489 Financial Derivativees
  • FIN 490 Professional Internship
  • FIN 491 Special Problems in Finance
  • FIN 493 Special Topics in Finance
  • FIN 495 International Field Experience in Finance


  • Successful completion of all Business Lower Division requirements.
  • Students must declare Finance as their major.