BBA - Operations and Supply Chain Management

Operations Supply Chain Undergrad MajorToday, without doubt, the crucial need for businesses competing in the global marketplace to be successful and sustainable requires competence and expertise in the areas of operations and supply chain management. The operations and supply chain management responsibilities include sourcing, procurement, distribution and transportation, process scheduling and improvement, both within and across companies.


A minimum of 120 credit hours are required to earn the Bachelor of Business Administration Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSM) Major. The major program is comprised of requires completion of 33 credits in OSM wiith a grade of C or better in each OSM required and elective course. A maximum of one elective course from the department approved non-OSM elective list may be substituted if OSM electives are not available.

For students who want to focus on a specialization, we provide four possible tracks. Please contact the Monte Ahuja College of Business Advising Office at to discuss the specializations.

Required Courses (15 Credit Hours)
  • OSM 312 Supply Chain Analytics
  • OSM 413 Production Planning and Control
  • OSM 424 Transportation Management
  • OSM 427 Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing Management
  • OSM 490 Professional Internship in Operations and Supply Chain Management*
Elective Courses (Choose 6 Courses, 18 credit hours from below)
  • OSM 310 Business Modeling and Decision Making
  • OSM 313 Material and Inventory Management
  • OSM 412 Supply Chain Modeling
  • OSM 414 Material and Capacity Requirements Planning
  • OSM 415 Case Studies in Operations Management
  • OSM 416 Supply Chain Management
  • OSM 417 Lean Six Sigma
  • OSM 419 Operations Strategy
  • OSM 421 Service Operations Management
  • OSM 422 Project Management for Business and Technology
  • OSM 425 International Operations Management
  • OSM 431 Design of Survey Samples using SAS
  • OSM 433 Predictive Analysis in Supply Chain Management
  • OSM 434 Multivariate Business Analytics Using SAS
  • OSM 435 Applied Business Forecasting
  • OSM 438 International Field Experience in Supply Chain Management
  • OSM 442 Innovation Management
  • OSM 444 Negotiation Strategies for Managers
  • OSM 445 Quality Management
  • OSM 448 Queuing and Simulation
  • OSM 491 Special Problems
  • OSM 493 Special Topics in Operations Management
  • OSM 496 Independent Study
  • OSM 499H Honors Thesis in Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • One 300 OR 400-level course from OSM or any other Business Department
*Internship Requirement: OSM 490

The professional internship must be pre-approved by the department chair (or the department internship coordinator) by the end of the first week of the semester and must be completed during the Junior or Senior year. Internships that begin without the pre-approval process will not be considered for credit. Students need to register for OSM 490 which counts towards 33 credit hour requirement.


  • Successful completion of all Business Lower Division requirements.
  • Students must declare a major and meet the departmental requirements in order to be admitted into their major field.