Supply Chain and Quality Management Certificate

The Certificate in Supply Chain and Quality Management is designed to provide knowledge to undersatnd, imporove and implement advanced concepts to increase an organization's efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness. The certificate is highly flexible and can help students obtain careers as supply chain professionas and quality managers.

Admission Criteria

Admission to the Supply Chain and Quality Management Certificate Program is open to:

  • Current undergraduate students in good academic standing
  • Individuals with a bachelor's degree

Submission and evaluation of official transcripts will be required. Admission to the certificate program and course schedules will be determined by the OSM Department.


The program consists of five (5) courses. These courses can be completed within one year. There is one required, prerequisite course OSM 311. Each elective course that a student chooses should be from a topical area. Topical areas include: quality management philosopy and methods, understanding core operations functions, understanding supply chain intergration and coordination and analytical models. A minimum grade of C is required in each course to earn the certificate.

Required/Prerequisite Course (1 course, 3 credit hours)
  • OSM 311: Introduction to Operations Management
Elective Courses (Choose 4 from the list below)
  • OSM 312: Supply Chain Analytics
  • OSM 413: Production Planning and Control
  • OSM 416: Supply Chain Management
  • OSM 417: Lean Six Sigma
  • OSM 419: Operations Strategy
  • OSM 422: Project Management for Business and Technology
  • OSM 424: Transportation Management
  • OSM 425: International Operations Management
  • OSM 427: Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing Management
  • OSM 435: Applied Business Forecasting
  • OSM 445: Quality Management

Current CSU students should contact for further information on how to enroll. Applicants who are not currently CSU students may apply as non-degree students by following the application instructions online here.

Please contact the Undergraduate Business Advising Office for any questions:

In person:

1860 East 18th Street, BU 539

By Phone: 216.687.3729
By email: