Organizational Change Certificate

Today's employers seek individuals who know how to improve processes and build support for needed change. Skilled change agents are able to diagnose and implement change initiatives within their organizations to create lasting and sustainable value. The Graduate Certificate in Organizational Change is designed to provide critical knowledge and skills that allow managers to be more effective leaders and change agents.

Curriculum Overview:

The program consists of five courses - three required and two electives.

Required Courses:
  • MGT 600: Quantitative Methods in HR Management
  • MGT 603: Organizational Diagnostics
  • MGT 605: Organizational Development
Elective Courses:
  • MGT 504: Organizational Theory and Design
  • MGT 577: Managerial Skill Development
  • MGT 604: Leadership and Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • MGT 690: Professional Internship

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