Global Business Certificate Program-Undergraduate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Global Business is designed to prepare business professionals to conduct business in a complex and fast-changing global environment. The Certificate program enables undergraduate business students and those already holding an undergraduate business degree to manage complex problems in international trade and management.

Admission Criteria

Admission to the Global Business Certificate program is open to the following:

  • Current undergraduate students in good academic standing
  • Individuals with a Bachelor’s degree

Certificate Requirements

The certificate program consists of four courses (three required and one elective) for a minimum of 14 credit hours. A minimum of B- grade is required to complete the certificate program. Prior to enrolling, students should have completed INB 301 or an equivalent course in International Business.

Curriculum and Credits:

  • MKT 461 Global Marketing Strategy(3)
  • MGT 487 International Management (3)
  • FIN 465 International Finance (3)


  • One elective course—select from the following list:
    • IST 461 E-Business (3)
    • ACT 460 International Accounting (3)
    • OSM 425/525 International Operations Management (3)
    • INB 490 International Business Internship (3)
    • INB 491 International Study Tour (3)
    • INB 493 Special topics (e.g., Export/Import Documentation/Procedures)
    • MKT 440 Marketing Field Experience Abroad (3)

For Further Information Contact:

Department of Marketing
College of Business Administration
1860 East 18th Street, Room 460
Cleveland, Ohio 44114-3610
Phone: (216) 687-4771
FAX: (216) 687-9354