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New - Fall 2020 - Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management

Declaring a Major:

Students may enter the College of Business without a "declared major". Before a student can declare a major in the College of Business, he/she must meet the admission requirements for their chosen major and file a Declaration of Major form in the advising office.

  • BBA students officially declare their major upon completion of the Lower Division requirements.
  • All Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management majors must fulfill the University's General Education Requirements,  a Business Core, Health Care Management Core and electives.

All students in the College of Business may take only up to 12 hours of upper-division courses (300 level and up) before declaring a major.

Degree Requirements: BBA

All business majors and BBA students must fulfill the University's General Education Requirements, Business Core Requirements and course work for the requirements for their major. All BBA students are required to fulfill a lower division curriculum founded upon cultural, behavioral, quantitative, philosophic, historic, scientific and economic bases.

These courses provide a depth of understanding in the arts, sciences, and humanities necessary to effectively interact with business organizations. With this basic understanding, students may then pursue their upper division and courses within the major field of study.

  • College of Business First and Second Year Graduation Plan: Includes Business Lower Core Courses and General Education Requirements
  • College of Business Second and Third Year Graduation Plan: Includes BBA Upper Core and Major Requirements

To review a four-year graduation plan for a specific major, please visit the four-year graduation plans page here.

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