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Undergraduate Course Permission Requests

Policies and Guidelines for all Course Registration Permission Requests:

Students must complete the Course Permission & Credit Overload Form (located online here) in order to receive permission to register for courses in which they receive an enrollment error in CampusNet that states the appropriate prerequisite(s) have not been completed.  Any form that is submitted without all necessary and relevant information will be returned as incomplete.

Common course registration permission requests may occur if:

  • A student is attempting to enroll in a course that indicates prerequisites have not been completed and the student has met conditions set by their advisor and those conditions were reviewed/approved directly by their advisor
  • A student has completed required the prerequisite(s) with CSU and/or transfer credit. If course is transfer credit, CSU transcripts must be updated with transfer credits.
  • A student will complete required prerequisite the semester prior to enrollment in the requested course. Student must be registered for prerequisite course when request form is submitted. If student does not successfully complete prerequisite, student must drop requested course from schedule and register for the prerequisite course.

Permission requests will only be entered if course has open enrollment seats and is not closed at the time of request. Students will be contacted via telephone or email regarding the results of the permission request within one business day.

Undergraduate Course Permission Form

For any questions or information, please contact the Undergraduate Programs and Student Services office and connect with an Academic Advisor at or 216.687.3729