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International Undergraduate Students


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International First-Year Students

What is Needed Prior to Academic Advising Appointment with Monte Ahuja College of Business

  • Check-in with the International Services and Programs Office in Main Classroom 106. Please see International Services and Programs web page for important information regarding the check-in schedule and what you need to bring with you: 

  • *Please note that this web page is updated each Academic Semester. If you do not see the most up to date information for the semester that you will begin your program at Cleveland State University, please call 216-687-3910*

  • Completion of English and Math Placement Exams and Record of Placement is crucial to the first semester scheduling process for Academic Advisors in the Monte Ahuja College of Business and across Cleveland State University.  Starting in the appropriate English and Math class during your first Degree Seeking Semester will help you to progress through your program more quickly and efficiently.

    English Placement: The English Placement Exam takes about two weeks to grade. It is recommended that you take this exam upon arrival at Cleveland State University so as not to delay the submission of your score.

    Please follow this link for detailed information: 

    Math Placement: The Math Placement Exam can be taken on campus in the Testing Center or at home on a Personal Computer. The grading process is very quick, but it is also highly recommended that you complete the exam upon arrival at Cleveland State University. 

    Please follow this link for detailed information:

International Transfer Students

If you are an International Student and you have completed courses at another university prior to beginning your journey to Cleveland State University, the information below is CRUCIAL. 

Before you schedule an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor in the Monte Ahuja College of Business, you will want to obtain documentation to show the College what you learned in your courses. These documents must be brought with you to your first Academic Advising Appointment. In the United States these documents are referred to as "Course Descriptions" and "Course Syllabi". A course description lets the advisor and the academic department; Marketing for example, know what the course was about. A course Syllabi offers the course description as well as a detailed account of what you did and learned in the course each and every day or week. When in doubt, obtain both.

Enrolled in the ESL Program at Cleveland State University?

International Students who are enrolled in the ESL Program at Cleveland State University must meet with the ESL Office and confirm that they are in their last semester of the ESL Program prior to scheduling an appointment with an Academic Advisor in the College of Business Advising Office. ESL students are not Degree Seeking students until they have successfully completed the ESL Program. Questions about the ESL Program may be directed to Michelle Bowman or Alevtyna Kolomiyet. The ESL office can be reached by calling 216-687-9669.

If you have any questions about the above information or would like to inquire about why the above information is important to your success in the College of Business at Cleveland State University, our office may be reached by telephone or email. We wish you the best of luck as you begin your career at Cleveland State University. We are looking forward to working with you!