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Study Skills

What does being a successful student look like? Many students believe that successful students:
  • Show up for classes
  • Take a few notes
  • Read the textbook
  • Study right before the exam
Becoming a successful student involves learning, studying and developing a skill set which includes:
  • Understanding your learning style
  • Developing strategies for reading textbooks
  • Creating test-taking strategies
  • Time management

Here are just a few resources for Monte Ahuja College of Business Undergraduate students who need assistance with understanding and developing their skill set for academic success.

View the Powerpoint below, or download it here

Identify Your Learning Style:

Your learning style influences the way you understand information and concepts. It also influences the way you solve problems. The three main learning styles are:

  Auditory Tactile Visual
Learn By: Hearing & Listening Doing or speaking with hands, gestures Reading or Seeing Pictures
Understand & Remember: By what is heard Through physical movement By sight
What type of learner are you? Don't know - take the quiz here.

Take advantage of additional assistance offered here at CSU:

For questions regarding Study Skills and understanding your specific degree requirements, please schedule an advising appointment with the Undergraduate Programs and Student Services Office by:
PHONE: 216.687.3729