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Fall 2020 - Make Your Plan

Make Your Plan for Fall 2020Scheduling courses for Fall 2020 and in a COVID-19 world can be confusing and uncertain.

  • Have you registered for classes yet?
  • Do you know if your classes are in-person or online?
  • Are the symbols in CampusNet confusing?

Then start here to make your plan, here is what those symbols mean:

CampusNet-BlueBuilding Symbol

Meets on campus, in-person.
In-person dates/times are on the scheduled days/times.

CampusNet-Yellow Building SymbolMeets on campus, in-person.
In-person dates/times may not be every week or may vary.
Professors will provide more detail on their syllabus.
CampusNet - Blue R Symbol

Offered virtually or "remote".
Meets online during the scheduled class days/times.

CampusNet-Yellow R Symbol

Offered virtually. Does not meet on specific days/times.
Connect with your professor during "office hours" on syllabus.

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