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Graduation CapCurrently only 45 colleges in the U.S. offer a professional sales degree. The Monte Ahuja College of Business at Cleveland State has taken the first step in developing a more comprehensive curriculum through the Professional Sales Certificate.

For Business and Non-Business Majors Alike

Designed to provide opportunities for students by enhancing their fundamental knowledge and developing sales skills that are desired by industry, the Professional Sales Certificate provides hands-on, applied skills and experiences to enable students to transition smoothly to a career as a sales professional. 

Required Courses:
MKT 450 Selling and Sales Force Management*
MKT 465 Advanced Selling and Sales Force Management
MKT 491 Professional Sales Practicum
MKT 466 Sales Analytics**
Elective Courses:
MGT 301 Principles of Management (must be in junior standing)
MKT 420 Consumer Behavior*
MKT 452 Business to Business Marketing*
MKT 456 Customer Relationship Management*
COM 242 Public and Professional Speaking
COM 350 Persuasive Communication and Attitude Change
PSY 335  Consumer Psychology***
UST 433 Negotiation and Conflict Management

*Pre-requisite is MKT 301: Fundamentals of Marketing.

**May be substituted for non-business majors with an additional elective course.

***Pre-requisite is PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology.

Certificate Completion Business Majors:

Business Majors are required to take five courses for a minimum of 15 credit hours to receive the certificate. Four of the five courses are required courses that prepare students in foundational professional sales skills. One elective course is from a pre-determined course list is required to complete the program. A grade of "C" or higher is required for all core courses in order to complete the certificate.

Certificate Completion Non-Business Majors:

Non-business majors can substitute MKT 466 Sales Analytics with another course from the elective course list. Therefore, students must complete three required courses (MKT 450,, MKT 465 and MKT 491) and two elective courses. Students are encouraged to see an academic advisor in the College of Business prior to starting the certificate program. A grade of "C" or higher is required for all core courses in order to complete the certificate.


Business and non-business undergraduate students or students with a Bachelor's Degree are eligible to apply for the certificate. MKT 301 Fundamentals of Marketing or its equivalent is the pre-requisite to admission.

Course Descriptions


Please contact the Undergraduate Business Advising Office to have the Professional Sales Certificate added to your academic plan.


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