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Faculty + Staff Directory

Last Name First Name RM
Dept of
  512 Accounting accountingdept@csuohio.edu
Accounting Tutoring   514 Accounting accountingdept@csuohio.edu
Adjunct Office   421    
Ahmed Hassan 350 Information Systems h.a.ahmed@csuohio.edu
Arnold Mindy 420 College of Business,
Dean's Office
Ataseven Cigdem 543 Operations & Supply
Chain Management
Avila Paula 330 College of Business,
Dean's Office
Ayaburi Emmanuel 335 Information Systems e.ayaburi@csuohio.edu
Bakke Sharen 333 Information Systems s.bakke@csuohio.edu
Baran Benjamin 443 Management b.e.baran@csuohio.edu
Bish Ann 420 College of Business,
Dean's Office
Brockhaus Sebastian 547 Operations & Supply Chain Management s.brockhaus@csuohio.edu
Buchinsky Lynn 308 Centers for Outreach and Engagement & Center
for Innovation and Entreprenurship
Campbell Brigid 346 Information Systems b.campbell@csuohio.edu
Celiker Umut 318 Finance u.celiker@csuohio.edu
Chang Myong-Hun 526 Economics m.chang@csuohio.edu
Chen Jen-Yi (Jay) 545 Operations & Supply Chain Management j.chen27@csuohio.edu
Cheng Wei-Hung (Wayne) 342 Information Systems w.h.cheng@csuohio.edu
Choi Jungsil (David) 447 Marketing j.choi59@csuohio.edu
Chung Moonwon 544 Operations & Supply Chain Management m.chung74@csuohio.edu
Davisson Donna 449 Marketing d.davisson@csuohio.edu
Delgado David 212 SBDC d.delgado85@csuohio.edu
Deng Ping 434 Management p.deng@csuohio.edu
Department of
Tracy Porter
  433 Management t.h.porter@csuohio.edu
Dixit Ashutosh 458 Marketing a.dixit1@csuohio.edu
Finance Department, Wei Wang   321 Finance w.wang24@csuohio.edu
Foltin Craig 522 Accounting l.foltin@csuohio.edu
Galindo Gil Hamilton 324 Finance h.galindogil@csuohio.edu
Gallagher Kevin 423 Management k.gallagher96@csuohio.edu
Gallagher Vickie 425 Management v.c.gallagher@csuohio.edu
Ghosh Amit 455 Marketing a.ghosh@csuohio.edu
Golden Don 505   d.golden@csuohio.edu
Gross Andy 505 Marketing a.gross@csuohio.edu
Grossman Aycan 533 Economics a.koksal@csuohio.edu
Hao Ku Chih 340 Information Systems c.ku17@csuohio.edu
Hart Colette 308 Centers for Outreach and Engagement &
Center for Innovation and Entreprenurship
Heath Michele 430 Management m.heath@csuohio.edu
Henry Raymond (Ray) 420 College of Business, Dean's Office r.henry22@csuohio.edu
Ho Amanda  328 Centers for Outreach and Engagement &
Center for Innovation and Entreprenurship
Hoffman Benjamin 525 Accounting b.w.hoffman14@csuohio.edu
Holtzblatt Mark  508 Accounting m.holtzblatt@csuohio.edu
IS Department,
Tim Arndt
  344 Information Systems information_systems@csuohio.edu
Isakin Maksim 530 Economics m.isakin@csuohio.edu
Jayanti Rama 456 Marketing r.jayanti@csuohio.edu
Jia Weishi 515 Accounting w.jia1@csuohio.edu
Kahler James 444 Management j.kahler@csuohio.edu
Kaminsky Daniel 520 Accounting d.a.kaminsky@csuohio.edu
Keller John 420 College of Business, Dean's Office j.p.keller@csuohio.edu
Kirk Steve 329 College of Business, Dean's Office s.f.kirk@csuohio.edu
Klee Roger 316 Finance r.klee@csuohio.edu
Lam Tak (Eddie) 439 Management t.lam@csuohio.edu
Lee Paul 521 Accounting p.j.lee@csuohio.edu
Lopes Gerum Pedro Cesar 537 Operations and Supply Chain Manageme p.lopesgerum@csuohio.edu
Lu Shuya 446 Marketing s.lu27@csuohio.edu
Marketing Department, Amit Ghosh   460 Marketing marketing@csuohio.edu
McClain Bruce 523 Accounting b.mcclain@csuohio.edu
McElroy Charles 334 Information Systems c.p.mcelroy@csuohio.edu
Meier Heidi 420 College of Business, Dean's Office h.meier@csuohio.edu
Miller Tim 445 Management j.t.miller32@csuohio.edu
Mills Paul 448 Marketing p.mills@csuohio.edu
Molina Richard 524 Accounting r.molina36@csuohio.edu
Morgan Todd 436 Management t.a.morgan74@csuohio.edu
Ngo Robert 529 Economics p.ngo@csuohio.edu
Office of the Dean   420 College of Business, Dean's Office  
OSM Department, Jen-yi (Jay) Chen   539 Operations and Supply Chain Management osm@csuohio.edu
OSM Tutoring   538 Operations and Supply Chain Management osmtutor@csuohio.edu
Paoletta Toni 466 Marketing t.paoletta@csuohio.edu
Park Jieun 450 Marketing j.park16@csuohio.edu
Part-Time Faculty   464    
Part-Time Faculty   534    
Part-Time Faculty   535    
Part-Time Faculty (Ed O'Donnell)   509 Accounting e.j.odonnell@csuohio.edu
Patil Ashutosh (Ash) 452 Marketing a.r.patil63@csuohio.edu
Paul Howard 332 Information Systems h.pu@csuohio.edu
Peck Jessica   Management j.a.peck37@csuohio.edu
Porter Tracy 428 Management t.h.porter@csuohio.edu
Raimer Russell 317 Finance r.raimer@csuohio.edu
Ray Arijit 531 Economics a.ray77@csuohio.edu
Rickett Laura 527 Accounting l.rickett@csuohio.edu
Robberts Theunis (Christo) 542 Operations and Supply Chain Management t.robberts@csuohio.edu
Robertson Dean 437 Management d.m.robertson@csuohio.edu
Roncagli Blaise 323 Finance f.roncagli@csuohio.edu
Rozen Etzmun 519 Accounting e.rozen@csuohio.edu
Ru Jun 546 Operations and Supply Chain Management j.ru@csuohio.edu
Rubin Eran 339 Information Systems e.rubin88@csuohio.edu
Ruggeri Kimberly 457 Marketing k.ruggeri@csuohio.edu
Schell-Barber Leah 462 Marketing  
Schlosser Heather 420 College of Business, Dean's Office h.schlosser85@csuohio.edu
Schmiedicker Alan 435 Management a.schmiedicker@csuohio.edu
Shen Yinjie (Victor) 336 Finance y.shen61@csuohio.edu
Sikder Iftikhar 337 Information Systems i.sikder@csuohio.edu
Smith Deborah 516 Accounting d.l.smith11@csuohio.edu
Soliman Moataz 341 Information Systems m.soliman@csuohio.edu
Storrud-Barnes Susan 424 Management s.f.barnes@csuohio.edu
Student Services/Advising   219   businessadvising@csuohio.edu
Student Study Lounge   550    
Sukkoy Alexsandra (Alex) 463 Marketing a.sukhoy@csuohio.edu
Topor David 441 Management d.topor@csuohio.edu
Tutoring (Economics & Finance)   426 Economics & Finance econ.tutor@csuohio.edu
Valcea Sorin 442 Management s.valcea@csuohio.edu
Van Dyke Katie 216 SBDC k.vandyke@csuohio.edu
Vander Weerdt Candice 438 Management c.vanderweerdt@csuohio.edu
Wang Wei 319 Finance w.wang24@csuohio.edu
Wang Shuai (Amy) 325 Finance s.wang51@csuohio.edu
Ward Nathaniel 331 College of Business, Dean's Office n.t.ward54@csuohio.edu
Wynn Dreyon 429 Management d.o.wynn@csuohio.edu
Yetmar Scott 528 Accounting s.yetmar@csuohio.edu
Zardoost Vahid 348 Information Systems v.zardoost@csuohio.edu
Zeinalpour Alireza 349 Information Systems a.zeinalpour@csuohio.edu
Zhou Haigang 322 Finance h.zhou16@csuohio.edu
Zhu Fengxia 451 Marketing f.zhu@csuohio.edu