Operations & Supply Chain Management

OSM Tutoring - Spring 2021 Semester

The OSM Tutoring Schedule for Spring 2021 - Now offering online tutoring!

OSM tutors are current graduate and doctoral students. Tutoring offered in the OSM Department is particularly for students taking courses or majoring in OSM. Please see the schedule below.

Tutors can be contacted via email at: osmtutor@csuohio.edu. Tutoring is offered specifically for these courses:

BUS 201OSM 202OSM 311
OSM 500OSM 503OSM 511


Please log into Blackboard (link) for your course above. A link has been placed within your course on the left-hand navigation area entitled "OSM Online Tutoring."  Within this link, you will have access to the tutoring session(s) and a list of resources (tutorials, app downloads, etc.). The schedule for tutoring is as follows:

8:00 AM Daniel Daniel 
9:00 AMArchitaDaniel DanielArchita
10:00 AMArchitaDaniel (ends at 11:00 AM) DanielArchita
11:00 AMArchita  DanielArchita
12:00 PMArchita (ends at 1:00 PM)Archita DanielArchita (ends at 1:00 PM)
1:00 PM Archita Daniel (ends at 2:00 PM) 
2:00 PM ArchitaArchita  
3:00 PM Archita (ends at 4:00 PM)Archita ArchitaDaniel
4:00 PM DanielArchitaArchita Daniel (ends at 5:00 PM)
5:00 PM DanielArchita (ends at 6:00 PM)Archita  
6:00 PmDanielDaniel (ends at 7:00 PM)DanielArchita (ends at 7:00 PM) 
7:00 PMDaniel Daniel  
8:00 PMDaniel (ends at 9:00 PM) Daniel (ends at 9:00 PM)