Operations & Supply Chain Management

OSM Tutoring - Spring 2020 Semester

The OSM Tutoring schedule for Spring 2020

OSM tutors are current graduate and doctoral students. Tutoring offered in the OSM Department is particularly for students taking courses or majoring in OSM. Tutoring is by walk-in only. Tutors are not able to make appointments. 

Please see the schedule below. Please note that tutoring is not available on the following University holidays:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Monday, January 20, 2020
  • President's Day: Monday, February 17, 2020

Typically, tutoring is not available during the Spring Recess (Sunday, March 8th through Sunday, March 15th).

Tutors can be contacted at: (216) 687-5053 or via email at: osmtutor@csuohio.edu. Tutoring is offered specifically for these courses:

BUS 201 OSM 202 OSM 311
OSM 500 OSM 503 OSM 511

Location: BU 538

9:00 AM Abisoye (starts at 9:30 AM) David (starts at 9:30 AM) David (starts at 9:30 AM) Abisoye (starts at 9:30 AM) n/a
10:00 AM Abisoye


David Abisoye n/a
11:00 AM Abisoye David David Abisoye n/a
12:00 PM David Abisoye David David


1:00 PM


Abisoye Abisoye David n/a
2:00 PM


Abisoye Abisoye David  n/a
3:00 PM


Abisoye Abisoye  David  n/a
4:00 PM David  Abisoye  Abisoye David  n/a
5:00 PM David (ends at 5:30 PM) Abisoye (ends at 5:30 PM) Abisoye (ends at 5:30 PM)  David (ends at 5:30 PM) n/a