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Fenn Centennial - Celebrating 100 Years of Business Degrees

Fenn College - Celebrating 100 YearsBefore we were Cleveland State, we were Fenn College. Before we were Fenn College, we were Y-Tech.

The 1923 Cleveland Foundation Year Book cited a great need for coordination of education in Cleveland and that "a Greater University" program should be established. A commission was formed and curricula in Business Administration received the most attention. The Board of Governors of the Cleveland YMCA School of Technology or Y-Tech agreed. Y-Tech was already offering night classes in Accounting, Electrical Engineering and a variety of other business and engineering topics.

This effort, ignited by Cleveland business and industry spurred Y-Tech to offer the first college credit day classes in 1923 and created the first three undergraduate majors: Accounting, Commerce (aka Business) and Engineering.

Today, the Monte Ahuja College of Business offers 14 undergraduate majors, 7 MBA and graduate degree programs, a joint program with the College of Law and a doctoral program.

Learn more about our history on the Fenn 100 Centennial website here.


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