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Dr. Yinjie Shen

Dr. Yinjie ShenSpring 2021

Dr. Yinjie (Victor) Shen, Assistant Professor in the Finance Department, co-authored a paper with Dr. Fuzhao Zhou and it was selected as one of the two winning papers of this year's American Accounting Association Meeting of the Regions’ Best Public Interest paper.

The paper, The Effect of Whistleblowing on Peer Firms’ Conditional Conservatism  provides several important findings:

  1. Industry peers exhibit decreases in accrual-based earnings management, real earnings management and the likelihood of financial misreporting in the two years following a whistleblowing allegation.
  2. Following a whistleblowing allegation, peer firms exhibit greater conditional conservatism.
  3. Peer firms increase earnings transparency to respond to whistleblowing allegations with the intention of improving financial reporting quality. 

On May 24-26, 2021, the AAA Regions will come together for a spring Spark meeting. This Meeting of the Regions will be a digital experience. Presentations will be “live” during the synchronous sessions, and paper presenters will get feedback. These sessions highlight the integral importance of public interest in accounting, and demonstrate to researchers in all areas, how they might incorporate public interest issues in their research.

Dr. Yinjie Shen holds a Ph.D. and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He earned his Bachelor of Science from the Harbin Institute of Technology.

Fall 2017:

Dr. Yinjie Shen's paper was cited by James Saft, a  Reuters columnist that reported on activist hedge funds targeting companies led by woman CEOs more often. Specifically:

"Female CEOs whose companies are targeted by activist hedge funds themselves do worse out of the deal. They lose more in total compensation and are more likely to be replaced than their male peers, found Bill Francis and Qiang Wu of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Yinjie Shen of Cleveland State University. (Read their paper here.)

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