Points of Pride

Fulbright Scholars

We at Cleveland State have a number of faculty who have been awarded Fulbright Scholars grants. The University considers it a point of pride that in the last decade there have been nearly 50 grants awarded to Cleveland State faculty, including many from the College of Business.

Current Faculty:
Non-Faculty Professionals:
Retired Faculty:
  • Dr. Chenchu Bathala
  • Dr. Injazz Chen
  • Dr. Adam A. Fadlalal
  • Dr. Andrew Gross
  • Dr. Robert Hartley
  • Mike Lin
  • Dr. Victor Matos
  • Dr. Santosh Misra
  • Dr. Alan Reichert
  • Janche Sang
  • Dr. Robert Scherer, former Dean
  • Dr. Oya Tukel, former Associate Dean