Points of Pride

Taryn Nicole Brucchieri

Taryn Nicole BrucchieriTaryn Nicole Brucchieri is the Rotary Club of Cleveland's Excellence honoree in Operations and Supply Chain Management for 2024. Taryn graduated from Cleveland State University in the fall of 2023 at the age of 21. She is a native of Brunswick, OH, and was the recipient of a Glasscock Scholars Program and Scholarship for three and a half years. She also received a Chia Fan Foundation Scholarship and was a member of the Honors Society for Supply Chain Management.

Taryn interned at Oatey Company in the summer of 2022 as a Supply Chain Planning Intern. She completed three projects that contributed to the downstream supply chain. Eventually, Taryn was hired for a buyer role by Oatey, a full semester before she graduated. She was able to jump into her career by working part-time while finishing up the fall semester of 2023. Taryn is now working full-time as a buyer at Oatey Co. Her current responsibilities include purchasing all finished good domestic products and all imported raw materials, establishing strong relationships with suppliers and tracking past due orders.

An interesting fact about Taryn is that she is in the process of starting a small business with a focus on non-toxic skincare products and candles. She says, “I am very interested in holistic health and healing practices and want to share my passion with others.”

Some additional fun facts about Taryn: she loves dogs, going on bike rides and watching the sunset. Taryn said, “I am so grateful for all the opportunities I have had at CSU and could not be more appreciative to receive the Rotary Award for Excellence in Operations and Supply Chain Management for 2024.”