Points of Pride

Steve Kimmelman

Steve KimmelmanSteve Kimmelman, BBA ’80, is the chief executive officer and founding principal of Redwood Living, Inc., a real estate development and management company. After attending TEDxClevelandStateUniversity in 2014 and hearing a speaker detail the educational challenges facing inner city youngsters he was inspired to become part of the solution.

As a result, he provided a gift to support undergraduate and graduate student tutors and supervisors to work with elementary school children in the Central neighborhood through the Community Learning Center for Children and Youth (CLC) in the College of Education and Human Services.

Steve believes that by supplying elementary students with additional learning (i.e., daily tutoring –  in particular with math and reading comprehension), this increased knowledge will substantially help prepare these students for middle school, high school and, most importantly, life. If anyone has suggestions on how to successfully implement the above goal at elementary schools in the inner city, please contact him at skimmelman@byredwood.com.

Learn more about Steve's gift here.

The gift was recognized as part of ENGAGE: The Campaign for Cleveland State University, CSU’s first-ever campaign. This $100 million effort to support student success helps to enable our students to stay in school and graduate, better-equipped to achieve their aspirations and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Learn more about the Engage Campaign here.

Engage Campaign