Points of Pride

Rick Reske

Rick Reske​​​​​​​Rick Reske is a double major in Economic Development and General Business. He has also served as the student manager of the Northeast Ohio Student Venture Fund (NEOSVF) for three semesters. He first learned of NEOSVF when he encountered the Weston Ideation Lab by “wandering in” and then questioning “what happens here”.

“The whole third floor of the business building and what is available to students is special,” Rick shared. “For a commuter, I spend a lot of time on campus.”

Rick joined the Entrepreneurship Club and served the organization as Secretary. He participated in Startup Vikes, became a student worker within the Weston Ideation Lab and the student manager of the NEOSVF and has participated for three semesters (including Spring 2021).

“Rick and the whole team represent CSU very well,” said Professor Blaise Roncalgi, faculty advisor for the (NEOSVF). “They are very professional and were thorough in their analysis of the companies. We were thrilled that the company that CSU chose to work with was chosen for funding in their first semester of participation.”

​​​​​​​“I’ve enjoyed participating as a competitor at Startup Vikes and then being on the other side managing the NEOSVF team,” said Rick.

“I’m not a Finance major,” Rick added. “But I think if you are interested in entrepreneurship, the NEOSVF is a great way to learn. Getting to take a deep dive into companies’ overall structure, plans and financial structure and evaluating them provided an opportunity to learn how investors will evaluate your company.”

Rick is also the founding president of Pi Sigma Epsilon (sales fraternity).

Rick Reske​​​​​​​