Points of Pride

Ranyah Aitelkadi

Ranyah AitelkadiIn Fall 2020, Ranyah Aitelkadi, a sophomore International Business major with a minor in Political Science was hired by the Office of Civic Engagement (OCE) as a Campus Vote Project Democracy Fellow for the Fall 2020 semester. In this role she is assisting the OCE in getting our CSU campus community civically engaged.

The Office of Civic Engagement Democracy Fellows provides students with an interest in community or civic engagement to participate in experiential and community-based employment activities. Fellows have the opportunity to make a positive change in their community while gaining real world experience and assist the OCE in getting our CSU campus community civically engaged. 

In addition to the Democracy Fellowship, Ranyah plays for the CSU soccer team, enjoys joining clubs and organizations across campus, attending events and community service.

When asked why she believes it is important to be a civically engaged citizen she said "I believe it is important for young people to be civically engaged citizens because, it helps younger people gain information about their political systems and how they work. I also believe that it improves policies being developed and helps ensure that services are delivered in a more effective and efficient way."

Urging others to vote, she often encounters those who feel their vote doesn't matter. "I respect their decision, however I give them insights and information on how voting is a way to express your rights and what you believe is the best for yourself and the country you live in," said Ranyah.

"It is even more important to be involved during the crisis we have faced the past several months," she added.​​​​​​​