Points of Pride

Mike Maczuzak

Mike Maczuzak​​​​​​​2021 Update:

Mike Maczuzak was named to the Entrepreneurship Education Consortium (EEC) Board of Directors. The EEC is a consortium of public and private institutions, four-year and community colleges, and liberal arts and technology schools. This consortium goes beyond simply sharing resources and expanding awareness to providing practical, entrepreneurial education experiences for students to learn and grow while encouraging students to stay in Ohio. Learn more about the EEC here.

Mike Maczuzak2018:

Mike Maczuzak has been helping clients shape the future with new product innovation through impactful design and development for more than 30 years. He is passionate about helping clients create competitive advantage and grow businesses with strategy and winning brand experiences.

With broad and deep experience and perspective, Mike enjoys working at the forefront of emerging technology and anticipating trends. He is most passionate about creating meaningful innovation that improves lives, such as innovation in healthcare systems and delivery and innovation that promotes sustainability, like electric vehicle technologies.

Mike has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design and a Master’s in Business Administration with emphasis in International Business from Cleveland State University. With a global perspective, he learned to speak Mandarin Chinese in the early 1980’s and helps US-based clients develop strategies for success in the Chinese market.

He is invited to speak internationally on innovation and design and recently spoke on design for human variability at the International Meeting of Human Factors and Ergonomic Society. He has been an Industrial Design adjunct professor, is a frequently guest lecturer at universities and professional organizations and has many patents and design awards.

As CEO of SmartShape, Mike focuses on finding the best, most talented, passionate people and creating a culture where gifted people flourish, and creativity and innovation thrive. A culture of honest integrity where relationships of trust and collaboration can achieve great things.

Mike is certain that a person with a good idea can change the world and SmartShape’s creative process can help make it happen. Mike seeks entrepreneurial thinkers, whether within startups or Fortune 100 companies, with whom SmartShape can work to shape the future.

On Monday, September 24, 2018, Mike will speak during Homecoming 2018 on a panel featuring Cleveland State entrepreneurs. Learn more here.