Points of Pride

Dr. Kuzey Yilmaz

Summer 2022:

Dr. Kuzey YilmazRecently, Dr. Kuzey Yilmaz, Associate Professor in the Economics Department provided advice to reporters at WalletHub about the best places to get a personal loan. Read what he had to say here and then scroll up to read the entire article.

Dr. Yilmaz is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics of Cleveland State University. His research develops computational general equilibrium models to analyze individual making, and uses these models to study issues in educational policy, specializing in the economics and finance of schools as well as housing policy. Dr. Yilmaz has published in journals such as the Journal of Housing Economics, the Journal of Human Capital, the Journal of Macroeconomics, the Journal of Public Economic Theory, the American Journal of Political Science and the Journal of Monetary Economics.