Points of Pride

Karina Mora

Karina MoraKarina Mora is excited to be chosen as one of two Monte Ahuja College of Business students selected to participate in The KeyBank Leadership and Creativity Undergraduate Minority Student Symposium.

"I nominated Karina because she not only will represent Cleveland State and the College of Business well, she is an academically strong student seeking to enhance her leadership skills beyond the classroom," said Assistant Dean of Student Services, Anne Nelson. "I know that she will represent us well and am thrilled that she was chosen for this opportunity along with other high-achieving students studying business from universities throughout the region."

Originally from Chicago, the Junior Accounting major knew she wanted to go to college out-of-state but did not want to be too far away. When Cleveland State University offered her the Glasscock scholarship, her mind was made up and her first day on campus was for Freshman orientation.

Karina took Accounting courses in high school which helped her to decide on Accounting as a major. She is currently seeking a summer internship with a large organization. "I would love to intern for an organization that allows me to move geographically within the country," she said.

Karina also has ambitious academic goals to graduate a semester early and as a result has committed to taking six classes a semester. In addition to her class work, she can be found working in the CSU Bookstore located in the Student Center as the team lead.

What does she think about being a Glasscock scholar? "Every school year is way less stressful due to the generosity of the Glasscock family," she said. "I feel that I have been able to have a much fuller college experience than I would have without their gifts and my family is grateful as well because it has alleviated their stress."

What's in the future for Karina?

"I hope to graduate in Fall of 2020 versus Spring of 2021," she said. "Then I will pursue a Master of Business Administration degree and sit for the CPA exam."

We can't wait to hear what Karina learns after The KeyBank Leadership and Creativity Undergraduate Minority Student Symposium and watch her achieve her high academic goals.