Points of Pride


Julian PellegriniJulian J. Pellegrini is the Rotary Club of Cleveland's Excellence honoree in International Business for 2024. Julian was born and raised in Medina, Ohio. He says his spirit of dedication and service was instilled by his parents, Joseph and Lisa Pellegrini. Growing up alongside his younger brother, Noah, Julian’s journey of giving back began early. Throughout his formative years at St. Ignatius High School, Julian actively engaged in community service, notably through initiatives like the Labre Ministry to the Homeless and the Christian Action Team.

Julian’s passion for soccer and academics seamlessly intertwined when he secured an athletic scholarship to play Division I soccer at CSU. His tenure at Cleveland State University was marked by both athletic triumphs and leadership roles in campus organizations. As a member of the CSU soccer team, Julian’s most memorable experience was contributing to the historic season of 2022, when the team clinched both the Horizon League conference and tournament championships, a feat unmatched since 2010.

Beyond the field, Julian’s commitment extended to various campus groups, including the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, CSU Lead and Champions for Life. As an intern at Oswald Companies, Julian had the invaluable opportunity to further develop his business acumen. Now, as he navigates the next chapter of his journey, Julian wants to make a lasting impact in his community and beyond. Therefore, he is channeling his ambition toward more higher education, considering whether to pursue a degree in Law or a Master of Business Administration.