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Iftikhar Sikder

Iftikhar SikderDr. Iftikhar Sikder is an associate professor in the Department of Information Systems in the Monte Ahuja College of Business and an affiliate professor in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) within the Washkewicz College of Engineering.

Dr. Sikder’s research focuses on the interdisciplinary domains of information systems, computer science and systems science. In particular, his research is centered on space-time processes involving spatial representations in geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing, geo-spatial databases and knowledge discovery using data mining and predictive analytics tools leading to spatial decision support systems. His paper on granular computing received the best paper award at the 19th International Conference on Digital Societies and Data Studies in October of 2017.

Paper Title: Application of Granular Computing Paradigm in Knowledge Induction  

Abstract: This paper illustrates an application of granular computing approach, namely rough set theory in data mining. The paper outlines the formalism of granular computing and elucidates the mathematical underpinning of rough set theory, which has been widely used by the data mining and the machine learning community. A real-world application is illustrated, and the classification performance is compared with other contending machine learning algorithms. The predictive performance of the rough set rule induction model shows comparative success with respect to other contending algorithms.  

Best Paper Award - Iftikhar Sikder