Points of Pride

Executive MBAs Consulting on Executive Decisions

Each Executive MBA (EMBA) student’s education culminates in a capstone course, EBA 616, the Integrative Business Practicum. Within the course, EMBA students are tasked with the application and integration of business strategy, decision-making and providing solutions. Applying all that they have learned throughout their 19-month program, the EMBA students problem-solve for Northeast Ohio organizations, presenting not only in class but also to the organizations.

Supervised by Dr. Kevin Gallagher, Mirza Beg, Melissa Brown, Christopher Nance and Kristy O’Carz, all members of the EMBA Class of 2019, were tasked with to work with St. Vincent Charity Medical Center on a community outreach project.

Their project was so well received, that St. Vincent is choosing to implement their recommendations.

“We’re very proud of the work that the team did,” said Dr. Gallagher. “It is not unheard of for the organizations that we work with in the capstone course to implement some of the student recommendations, but in this particular instance the response was overwhelmingly positive.”

EMBA - St. Vincents Project 2019Left to Right First Row (seated): Thom Olmstead, Director, Office of External Affairs, St. Vincent Charity; Dr. Joy Marshall of St. Vincent Charity; Chris Sloat, Administrative Chief of Staff, St. Vincent Charity. Left to Right Second Row (standing): Dr. Kevin Gallagher, CSU professor; EMBA Class of 2019 Christopher Nance, Mirza Beg, Kristy O’Carz and Melissa Brown; Carrie Lang, Project Coordinator, Office of External Affairs, St. Vincent Charity.