Points of Pride

Elizabeth Fanger

Elizabeth FangerElizabeth Fanger is the Monte Ahuja College of Business Fall 2020 valedictorian and exemplifies the Cleveland State spirit through her hard work, dedication and empathy.

Like many CSU students Elizabeth worked a number of part-time jobs. During her second year at CSU, she took a position as a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader for the Tutoring & Academic Success Center (TASC) teaching Macroeconomics.

Elizabeth Fanger and Dean Kahn“Elizabeth is an outstanding student, always prepared and assisting other students in class that were having trouble with class materials,” said Accounting professor Dan Kaminsky. “Her questions are well thought out and complex, giving other students the ability to see concepts they would not otherwise.”

“While still a sophomore, I attended my first Meet The Accountants Night and earned an internship with R.G. Barber CPAs,” Elizabeth said. “The internship was truly an amazing experience that broadened my understanding of where my Accounting degree could lead.”

Elizabeth Fanger in Weston Ideation Lab​​​​​​​As a junior, Elizabeth juggled her internship, her SI position with TASC and a full course load. She also joined Beta Alpha Psi, and became active in volunteering for the organization.

In Fall of 2018, Elizabeth decided to double major in both Accounting and Management/Human Resources. “I found this pairing to be perfect for me,” she said. “I understand both the numbers side and the people side of business and this will allow me to graduate with enough credits to sit for the CPA exam.”

Her second internship was at Novogradac as an Intern. She joined Beta Gamma Sigma and earned an academic scholarship from the organization. In Fall 2019 she was elected Treasurer for the Entrepreneurship Club and enjoyed helping students develop their ideas, connecting with local entrepreneurs and practicing professional pitching for competitions. Elizabeth has continued to be involved with Beta Alpha Psi as Project Manager and will graduate Summa Cum Laude in December.

“Elizabeth is a model student,” said Accounting professor Deborah Smith. “She actively engages with her ​​​​​​​peers, exemplifies collegiality and helps those in need.”

​​​​​​​“Elizabeth is not just a strong leader in the classroom, she is actively engaged in the CSU community through multiple student organizations and her presence.” added Marketing professor Alex Sukhoy. “She earns her success quietly. There's absolutely no ego in anything that she delivers on. She lets her accomplishments speak for her true talents and is a warm, friendly, kind human.”​​​​​​​

“I chose Cleveland State in order to receive the same affordable, quality education that I think all CSU student look for,” she said. “What I found was friends from different races, cultures, ages and academic pursuits – from engineers to creative writers. This experience allowed me to see things from a different perspective and consider things I had not before.”

Elizabeth recently started a full-time position at Sherwin-Williams.