Points of Pride

Dr. Sreedhar Madhavaram

Dr. Sreedhar Madhavaram's Research Work

Sreedhar Madhavaram, a Professor of Marketing at Cleveland State University and was a featured researcher by the CSU Office of Research in Spring of 2015. The above video details his research which focuses on marketing strategy, theory, development and innovation.

Dr. Madhavaram’s current research work explores how as companies/organizations grow how they collect market knowledge versus marketing knowledge. Dr. Madhavaram defines marketing knowledge as knowledge of products to be developed in terms of innovation, pricing, marketing communication and distribution. There currently is not an integrated framework of how market knowledge can grow or develop into marketing knowledge. Moreover, he deconstructs his research and explains how he integrates it into teaching to help prepare tomorrow's marketing managers.

To learn more about Dr. Madhavaram, visit his faculty profile here.