Points of Pride

Doctoral Teaching Awards

Three Cleveland State University Doctoral Students Honored by the Monte Ahuja College of Business for Excellence in Teaching

The Doctoral committee of the Monte Ahuja College of Business at Cleveland State University honored three doctoral students with the Excellence in Teaching award in Spring of 2016. The Doctoral Excellence in Teaching awards are earned by DBA students who have consistently provided and demonstrated assurances of learning, provided a classroom experience that is engaging, enticing and participatory and have received excellent evaluations by students and faculty alike. The recipients for Spring 2016 are:

Alina MarculetiuAlina Marculetiu:

Alina provides students with her own excitement to keep students engaged. For each chapter she teaches in World of Business, she strives to provide real-world examples that astonish, showcase a new technique or provide an unexpected outcome that she herself can get excited about. She uses humor to exaggerate the meaning of individual chapters. Alina holds a sincere belief that the mood of the instructor is powerful in setting the tone of each class - and that it needs to be fostered daily with new knowledge and experiences. Her own curiosity is what has led her to pursue her doctoral degree in business teaching Business Statistics and Operations Management at Cleveland State.  Alina was also recently awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award by the Graduate College. The award was granted to graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional merit in teaching and included a monetary prize. Learn more about these awards here. To see the list of winners for 2016, please click here.       

Janis ThiedemannJanis Thiedemann:

Janis makes abstract business concepts more tangible for first year students in the World of Business classes she teaches by using her extensive professional experience as examples and serving as a resource for the students she teaches. She has a good rapport with students, often having a line after class to ask about majors, internship opportunities or have questions about other courses answered. She enjoys providing insights to future the future business people she teaches. She advocates active participation in class and interaction ot promote the learning of the whole group.     

Terry TomlinsonTerry Tomlinson:

Terry strives to present material to students in a way that it becomes applicable, meaningful and valuable to them in their careers and daily lives. He provides opportunities for students to become interdependent by guiding them through collaborative experiences. Course activities include personality self-assessments and cross-cultural negotiation simulations which are incorporated into off-campus group activities. These activities shed light on the relational interplay of business. Terry believes tha for students' future success, it is vital that they understand their own strengths and weaknesses and become comfortable working in diverse groups, supporting others with their strengths and recognizing and depending upon the strengths of others.