Points of Pride

Darsh Patel

Darsh PatelJunior Finance Major Set to Start at KeyBank upon Graduation

Darsh Patel is a junior Finance major who already knows where he is going to be working upon graduation. He is set to start at KeyBank as a Capital Market/Investment Analyst upon graduation and then plans to return to Cleveland State University for an MBA with a concentration in Accounting.

How did he make that happen?

“I interned with Sherwin-Williams as an IT business analyst. It was a great hands-on learning experience,” Darsh said. “I also interned with KeyBank, which is now where I am currently set to graduate with a job.”

In addition to his internship, Darsh works on campus with the Undergraduate Business Advising team. “The different types of events that the College of Business hosts has given me the opportunity to network and meet influential people,” he said. “Anne Nelson and the undergraduate advising team made it possible for me to achieve my goals. They have been the most helpful to me over the three years I have been here,” he added.

“The faculty along with the advisors here are what makes students successful,” added Darsh.

Darsh originally thought of becoming civil engineering major but made the transition to Finance after taking a few economics classes in high school.  His experience with those classes made him curious about the field of finance.

When asked which were the most interesting classes he has taken so far, Darsh stated FIN 353 – Intro to Investments with Professor Klee and ECN 201 – Principles of Macroeconomics with Professor Kickel.

Darsh chose Cleveland State University because of the advantages of a downtown campus.

“I wanted to stay close to home because I planned on commuting to college from Broadview Heights,” Darsh said. “The growing job field in downtown Cleveland, as well as the busy lifestyle that the city offers also factored into my decision.”

“You are so close to all the corporations it makes having a year-long internship possible,” he added. “You can easily ride the RTA downtown for work, then come back in the evening for class. It’s a huge advantage we have over other schools.”

When asked who the greatest influence in his life was, Darsh credits his father. “After coming from India, he began to take classes at CSU and ended up with his MBA with a concentration in accounting, said Darsh. “His dream for his children was for them to get an education. Growing up watching him take classes and commit himself to his studies really influenced me,” he added.

Darsh enjoys going to the Cleveland Indians games with friends as it is close to campus and affordable. His ultimate career goal is to start his own investment group with the students he has met at CSU in his classes.

Interview and photos provided by Cleveland State University student, Sierra Swigert.