Points of Pride

Arshak Asriyan

Arshak AsriyanArshak Asiryan is a senior Finance major who has held an intership position with Sherwin-Williams since his sophomore year. He has big plans for his future after Cleveland State which include possibly continuing his career at Sherwin-Williams as field auditor.

Arshak wasn’t always a Viking and he wasn’t always a finance major either. He transferred from Ohio State University after his freshman year where he was a chemistry major. He switched to Cleveland State University because of the opportunities with local business and afforadability. 

After a little peer pressure from his close friends, he discovered that maybe chemistry wasn’t the route for him. Interested with the 2012 presidential debates focusing around the country’s failing economy, Arshak decided to change his major to economics. Shortly after, he found that the Finance major best suited him.

Arshak has had three internships since he changed his major. He started with Sherwin-Williams as a financial analyst intern inputting numbers into computer systems and eventually worked his way up to pricing analyst intern, his current internship position. His dream job is to become a hedge fund owner or manager because of the personal freedom the job affords.

Arshak credits both personal and professional relationships for his academic success. He credits his parents for having the most influence in lis life. Arshak wasn’t always the straight A student he is now – in the third grade he came home with a bad report card and his parents told him he was better than that. Taking their advice, he began to prosper in school. “They asked me if I was dumb and it hit me right then that I was better than the C’s and D’s I was receiving…[my parents] have continued to push me in my education”.

Aside from his personal relationships, Arshak credits Cleveland State University for his achievements. “We have great professors and advisors working here…they are our best resources”.

When he isn’t in his favorite class, Advanced Investments with Professor Klee, Arshak participates in the Business Mentorship Program.

Arshak encourages students to attend the Monte Ahuja College of Business for its many opportunities. “We are so close to downtown and with all the local businesses this has a lot of potential for future careers and internships”.

Interview and photos provided by Cleveland State University student, Sierra Swigert.