Points of Pride

Angela Salviejo and Alexis Lee

Alexis Lee & Angela SalviejoMentorship and Giving Back

Angela Salviejo (MBA and BBA Information Systems Alumna) and Alexis (Lexi) Lee (BBA Information Systems, 2022) met three years ago through the College Now Mentoring Program. They are pictured at right at a Girl Scouts of North America event because of their volunteer work to help local Girl Scout troops obtain their Cybersecurity Badges.

Angela found mentoring through a workplace-sponsored information session and was drawn to the idea of paying it forward. “My parents were 100% supportive of everything that I did,” she said. “But they didn’t have the college experience. They didn’t have that professional experience and I didn’t really have anyone to help me navigate. I thought it was a unique opportunity for me to give back the experience that I wish I had had.”

As a woman in the tech industry, Angela knew there was a need to support and mentor the next generation of female technologists. “I was so impressed with Lexi when we first met. I thought, what am I ever going to be able to offer this outstanding woman in her journey,” she said. “I was paired with someone who knew what she wanted, who already had success so I took the role of being very focused on where she needed my support.”

Alexis LeeLexi was struck by Angela’s personal interest, care and concern. “I still think about this sometimes. It was such a small, insignificant thing, but when we had the kick-off event Angela brought me a little tote bag which was the cutest thing ever,” she said. “I still have it. I remember walking out and realizing this woman barely knows my name and she’s already excited to set me up with anything I need – and she got me a gift? Who is this person? She’s fantastic!” 

Angela and Lexi met often and Lexi shared her passion for information technology and career goals. Angela encouraged Lexi to apply at Sherwin-Williams to be an IT Professional Apprentice in Threat Management.

When she first started working at Sherwin-Williams, Lexi said people were surprised thinking she had switched her career goals from technology and information technology to chemistry and paint-making. “People didn’t understand the vastness of the Sherwin-Williams workforce,” explained Lexi. “They just see Sherwin-Williams as the paint store down at the corner and not how it’s all really executed.”

“Early on in Lexi’s journey, I told our leadership ‘Keep your eye on this girl! Do not let her get away. I promise you, she is a future leader at Sherwin’,” Angela advised.

Angela SalviejoAngela is the Director of Sherwin’s Digital Innovation Accelerator at Sherwin-Williams and a 20-year veteran of the organization. In this relatively new role, she is supporting the digital transformation underway at Sherwin and constant looking for implementing emerging technology at a faster place to optimize operations.

“Don’t overthink becoming a mentor,” Angela said. “With minimal commitment you can have a significant impact on someone’s life. Don’t doubt yourself. You have a lot to give back as a professional.”