Points of Pride

Alina Marculetiu

Alina MarculetiuIn Spring of 2016 when Alina Marculetiu was a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) student, she was awarded the Doctoral Excellence in Teaching from the College of Business. The Doctoral Excellence in Teaching awards are earned by DBA students who have consistently provided and demonstrated assurances of learning, provided a classroom experience that is engaging, enticing and participatory and have received excellent evaluations by students and faculty alike. 

In 2017, Alina was a visiting professor at the John Carroll University Boler School of Business and returned to CSU as a visiting college lecturer in 2020. She defended her dissertation in May of 2021 and joined the faculty at the Williamson College of Business Administration at Youngstown State University.

Alina provides students with her own excitement to keep students engaged. For each chapter she teaches, she strives to provide real-world examples that astonish, showcase a new technique or provide an unexpected outcome that she herself can get excited about. She often uses humor to exaggerate the meaning of individual chapters.

Alina holds a sincere belief that the mood of the instructor is powerful in setting the tone of each class - and that it needs to be fostered daily with new knowledge and experiences. Her own curiosity is what led her to pursue her doctoral degree in business. While a DBA student, she taught World of BusinessBusiness Statistics and Operations Management at Cleveland State.  Alina was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award by the CSU Graduate College for the 2015-2016 academiic year. The award was granted to graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional merit in teaching and included a monetary prize. Learn more about these awards here

Watch Alina describe her experience as a DBA student here: