MLRHR Degree Requirements

Level I: Basic Skill Proficiency 

Courses in Level I provide basic skills that help assure successful completion of graduate level work.  These courses are waived on the basis of GMAT/GRE results (16-19th percentile Verbal waives GAD 501; 20th percentile Verbal waives GAD 501 & 502; and 25th percentile Quantitative waives OSM 500).

Course Title Credits
GAD 501 Business English 4
GAD 502 Intermediate Business 3
OSM 500 Mathematical Models for Business 2
Level II: Required Core Courses (24 credits)

The following are required for all MLRHR students:

Course Title Credits
MGT 600 HRM Metrics & Analytics 3
MGT 601 Managing Human Resources 3
MGT 605 Organizational Development (pre-req. MGT 601) 3
MGT 640 Total Rewards, Compensation & Benefits (pre-req. MGT 600 & MGT 601) 3
MGT 641 Staffing & Performance Management (pre-req. MGT 600 & MGT 601) 3
MGT 651 Collective Bargaining (pre-req. MGT 601) 3
MGT 652 Human Resource Development (pre-req. MGT 601) 3
MGT 661 Strategic Human Resource Management (pre-req. all of the above MGT courses) 3
Elective Courses (9 credits)

Students select an additional nine credit hours to complete the requirements for the degree. Elective course selections must be made with the consent of the student’s program advisor. One elective course must be at the 600 level.

Electives offered within the Department of Management include:

Course Title Credit
MGT 501 Management & Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 504 Organizational Theory and Design 3
MGT 522 Labor Law 3
MGT 531 Employment Practices Law 3
MGT 543 Entrepreneurship 3
MGT 557 Human Resource Information Systems 3
MGT 577 Managerial Skill Development 3
MGT 587 International Management 3
MGT 602 Advanced Wage and Employment Theory 3
MGT 603 Organizational Diagnostics 3
MGT 604 Leadership and Interpersonal Effectiveness 3
MGT 686 Current Problems in Management & Labor Relations 3
MGT 690 Professional Internship 1-3
MGT 698 Independent Study 1-3

Students also may seek approval for a course that meets their career needs, yet is not on the list. 

Exit Requirement: PHR Exam

Students in the MLRHR Program are required to take the PHR practice assessment exam in their last semester of study. This requirement can be waived for students documenting current certification or those taking the actual certification exam. The purpose of this requirement is to help get students ready to take the actual professional designation test to help further their careers.

PHR Exam Instructions can be downloaded herePDF icon PHR_ExamInstructions_2017.pdf

For information regarding degree requirements for the MLRHR program, please contact our Graduate Business Advising Office, at or 216.687.3730.


Graduate Assistantships:

The College of Business Administration and the Management Department have a limited number of Graduate Assistantships available each year. Because the Management Department houses its own Master’s Program (the MLRHR), preference for assistantships available within the Department is given to MLRHR students. Management Department Graduate Assistantships are based on merit, not need. Students with high undergraduate grades and superior admissions test scores are invited to inquire well in advance of enrollment about the availability of positions beginning the semester they start the MLRHR. Assistantships are renewable semester by semester based upon satisfactory performance of assistant duties. Full-time assistantships carry a stipend and provide in-state tuition for 9 graduate credit hours per semester while part-time assistantships provide in-state tuition for 9 hours. Those who are granted Assistantships are assigned to work 10 or 20 hours per week with professors within the department. To begin the application process, please review the requirements and get the application here.

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