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What College of Business Students Have to Say About Internships

Melanie Brunner, BBA in OSM, Interned at NASA Glenn Research CenterMelanie Brunner, Space Communications & Navigation Intern at NASA Glenn Research Center; BBA, Operations & Supply Chain Management Major

Because of my internship, I have an increased chance for future employment with NASA at any of their ten locations because I understand how the organization works. My internship with NASA allowed me to apply what I learned in college outside of school, provided me with first-hand work experiences, an understanding of what I needed to focus more on in order to succeed, established a valuable network and several letters of recommendation. It can be difficult to stand out to potential employers. My internship demonstrates to employers that I have initiative and provides an advantage over someone who lacks this outside experience.


TarasKoshylovsky, MBA, FinanceTaras Koshylovsky, Investment Intern at Thomas Roulston Investment Partners; MBA, Finance

During the Summer of 2013, I worked as an investment intern at Thomas Rouston Investment Partners. My primary responsibilities included analyzing market conditions, evaluating outside asset managers, making investment recommendations and supporting asset allocation decisions. Due to this internship experience, I gainged practical investment experience and had an opportunity to apply methods and theories learned in classes to real-world situations. I also realized my interest in investments and decided to build my career in the investment field.


Daniil Pleshkov, BBA, MarketingDaniil Pleshkov, Marketing Data Analyst, ZIG Marketing; BBA, Marketing and International Business

Good internships are gems; they're like boot camp on steroids. The skills and knowledge we get from studying are important, but the right internship will shape these skills, taking them to a completely new level. After working in the field of your expertise, studying habits also change as you see the reasoning behind classroom learning. My second internship was at a buttoned-down, fast-paced company in Independence, Ohio called ZIG Marketing where I honed my skills in marketing automation, business analytics and many other amazing things.


Jennifer Doering, Tax Accountant Intern, Pease & Associates, Inc.; BBA, AccountingJennifer Doering, BBA, Accounting

Working as a Tax Accountant Intern at Pease & Associates has proven to be an invaluable opportunity and has given me hands-on-experience at doing taxes. I primarily worked with individual and partnership taxes, allowing me to take the classroom learning that I received at CSU and apply it directly to my internship. Through this internship, I feel more prepared for a career in tax accounting after I graduate and I know that it will help me stand out from those that do not have prior tax experience when I am searching for my first full-time job after graduation.