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Contacts - Internships for Academic Credit

Once you have secured an internship, contact the associated academic department’s Internship representative by email, as listed below to request approval to earn academic credit. Each major has specific requrements and different applications. I approved, then contact our Business Academic Advisors to determine how an approved internship for academic credit can satisfy electives toward your degree. 

Major/Degree Program: Course: Contact:
Accounting ACT 490 or
ACT 690
Dr. Benjamin W. Hoffman 
Business Economics
General Business
BUS 490 or
BUS 690
Dr. Heidi Hylton-Meier
Finance FIN 490 or
FIN 690
Dr. Yinjie Shen
Information Systems IST 490 or
IST 690
Dr. Tim Arndt
International Business
INB 490 or INB 690
MKT 490 or
MKT 690
Dr. Amit Ghosh
Management/Human Resources MGT 490 or
MGT 690
Dr. Tracy Porter
Operations & Supply Chain Management OSM 490 or
OSM 690
Dr. Jay Chen
Sport & Entertainment Management SPM 490 Jim Kahler