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Undergraduate Readmission Petition Process

Students who have been suspended (or prior to Fall 2013, referred to as dismissed) from Cleveland State University for academic reasons and wish to be readmitted to the CSU Monte Ahuja College of Business Undergraduate Program must complete the online Monte Ahuja College of Business Undergraduate readmission petition process.

The Online Monte Ahuja College of Business Undergraduate readmission petition process is MANDATORY AND STUDENTS CANNOT COMPLETE A READMISSION PETITION DURING AN OFFICE APPOINTMENT WITH an advisor from the Monte Ahuja College of Business Advising Center. 

Filing a Readmission petition does not guarantee readmission to the Monte Ahuja College of Business and students must provide complete and thoughtful responses to the questions listed on the online petition. The petition MUST be submitted electronically.

If readmission is granted to the Monte Ahuja College of Business, the student will be placed on academic probation and subject to conditions of academic probation. Academic probation is a very serious issue and can lead to dismissal from CSU, which is a permanent separation from the University. The academic probation status at CSU requires the following conditions: CSU will require evidence of substantial academic improvement for each semester of active enrollment to avoid dismissal from the University. The following University requirements are considered evidence regarding CSU’s policy of substantial academic improvement:

  • All undergraduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 2.0 for each semester.
  • All undergraduate students must successfully complete 67% of the credits attempted in each semester in order to remain in good standing. Successful completion is defined as earning a passing grade. Grades of F, U, X, & W and Incomplete will be calculated as non-completions.
  • Students may not enroll in more than 12 -13 credit hours per semester until you are in good academic standing and your GPA reaches 2.0.
  • Students must meet with their new assigned Monte Ahuja College of Business advisor in order to complete registration regarding ALL COURSE WORK.


Please review and follow the directions for the required Readmission Petition Process. There are several important documents that are needed before you can complete the online readmission application.

  • If you have completed any college level course work at another University or College since your last semester at CSU, then please upload a copy of an unofficial transcript(s) from all institutions attended, via the online application. The new courses should have a final grade listed on the transcript.
  • Prepare a Readmission Narrative Statement which should outline any educational activities pursued since being suspended/dismissed from Cleveland State (i.e. attendance at a community college, etc.) and/or any changes in life circumstances that will positively affect collegiate study (i.e. cutting back on work hours, etc.). Also, answer the question, why should the Monte Ahuja of College of Business allow for readmission into the College? The Readmission Narrative Statement will be completed within the Readmission Statement box on the online application. PDF icon ReadmissionNarrative.pdf.
  • Prepare a Readmission Return to Good Academic Standing Action Plan within the online application.
  • Review Financial Standards of Academic Progress. You must verify your understanding of the Financial Standards of Academic Progress on the online application.

Start Readmission Process Online Application

  • Applications are reviewed monthly and students will be notified by email only, so please do not call the Monte Ahuja College of Business Advising Center.
  • Email communication regarding the Readmission Process should be directed to:

Readmission Deadlines:

Fall Semester: May 1st of each year by 11:59 PM
  • All applications must be received by May 1st at 11:59 EST.
  • All applications received from May 2nd at 12:00 AM (midnight) until November 1st at 11:59 PM,will be reviewed for readmission for the following CSU Spring Semester.
Spring Semester: November 1st of each year by 11:59 PM
  • All applications must be received by November 1st, prior to midnight.
  • If an application is received from November 2nd at 12:00 AM (midnight) until July 1st at 11:59 PM, then it will be reviewed for readmission for Fall Semester.
Summer Semester:

The Monte Ahuja College of Business does not accept readmission applications for admission to the Summer Semester.

Click Here to Access the Monte Ahuja College of Business Readmission Online Application


Please email:

Alert: If you are a student who has been suspended more than once from CSU or who is seeking a second readmission, you must submit a University Petition and not a College of Business Readmission Petition, if you are seeking readmission to CSU.