Paul J. Everson Real Estate Center

2016 Panel Discussion

The Future of Commercial Real Estate in Northeast Ohio Register for the 2016 Real Estate Conference on the Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors site today!

Panel discussion led by: David Browning
  1. Northeast Ohio Demographics: How are they changing?
  2. Economic Development in Northeast Ohio: Creation of employment centers necessary for growth and the general public seeking to become homeowners.
  3. Public Projects: How are public projects reshaping our neighborhoods?
  4. Public and Private Projects: How are they spurring community development? Especially in areas such as Public Square, the Lakefront and the 4 million plus office spaces.
  5. Cleveland State University: As the largest real estate owner in downtown Cleveland, how are real estate projects benefitting CSU students and how theys projects are materially changing the neighborhoods surrounding CSU.
  6. Creating Dynamic Urban Environments that Support the Arts: How economic development that supports arts and cultural endeavors creates successful neighborhoods and enhances the lives of residents and what the economic effect is on the region as a result of this development. Including Playhouse Square and Playhouse Square Real Estate Services.
Meet the Panelists: