Paul J. Everson Real Estate Center

2012 Real Estate Conference

The Sustainability of Cleveland's Residential & Commercial Revitalization

Held October 3rd, 2012, the second Real Estate Conference Explored the future of commercial real estate in Cleveland including Cleveland's downtown Lakefront, how quickly Cleveland was changing and if the changes Cleveland was experiencing were sustainable in the long-term. In addition, Dr. Lawrence Yun presented a "State of the Real Estate Industry".

Speakers included:

  • Jill Akins, Principal, Van Auken Akins Architects LLC
  • Michael Deemer, Vice President, Business Development & Legal Affairs, Downtown Cleveland Alliance
  • Nathan Forbes, Principal, Rock Gaming
  • David Oakes, CFA, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, DDR
  • Lawrence Yun, Ph.D., Chief Economist & Senior Vice President, National Association of Realtors