Information Systems

IS Faculty

Ahmed, Hassan Assistant College Lecturer 687.4760

Arndt, Timothy Chair & Associate Dean, Professor 687.4779
Ayaburi, Emmanuel Assistant Professor 687.3795
Bakke, Sharen Senior College Lecturer 875.9803
Campbell, Brigid Assistant College Lecturer 687.4760

Cheng, Wei (Wayne) Assistant College Lecturer 687.3911
Henry, Raymond (Ray) Vice Provost - Faculty Affairs and Professor 687.4785
Iyer, Deepa Assistant Professor 687.4755
McElroy, Charles Assistant Professor 687.3898

Paul, Howard Associate Professor 687.3685
Rubin, Eran Associate Professor 687.4889
Sikder, Iftikhar Associate Professor 687.4758
Soliman, Moataz Assistant College Lecturer

Tseng, Allen Assistant Professor 687.2066
Zardoost, Vahid College Lecturer - Visiting 687.4760
Zeinalpour, Alireza College Lecturer – Visiting 687.4760

Support Staff for the Department of Information Systems:

Name Title Phone (216) Email
Metcalf, Rachel Coordinator and Advising Specialist 687.4760