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Business Career and Internship Expo Fall 2022

Thursday, October 13, 2022

12:00 PM to 4:00 PMExpo

In 2014, the Monte Ahuja College of Business office of Student Services hosted the first on-campus Business Internship and Co-op Expo at Cleveland State. As a result, over 530 student attendees were able to mix, mingle and exchange information with employers. The event was held again on October 8, 2015; October 13, 2016; September 14, 2017; September 20, 2018; September 26, 2019 and for the first time virtually on October 8, 2020 and again October 21, 2021 and back in-person on March 24, 2022. Each year, the event has received better attendance from employers and Cleveland State University Students. 

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Information about the Employers Attending the Expo

Visit the Business Career & Internship Expo on Career Fair Plus App for an up-to-date listing of all the employers who will attend the Business Career & Expo.

The Career Fair Plus app allows students to us their smart phones, tablets, laptops or PC's to filter the following information about each employer and then use this information to develop a game plan for when you attend the Business Expo and meet with employers opposed to just randomly walking from employer table to employer table; however, if you prefer this option this is fine too.

Nonetheless, the Career Fair Plus app for the Business Career & Internship Expo allows students to use the app filter features to determine the following information for each employer. Develop your Business Expo plan before attending the Expo for better help you locate the right career fit for you. 

  • Locate all the employers attending the Business Career & Internship Expo.
  • Locate employer career opportunities based on student’s undergraduate major or graduate academic program.
  • Locate the type of career opportunities employers have to offer such as internship or co-op, and or full-time positions for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Locate employers who has career opportunities for international students.
  • Locate more information about each employer and their website address.
  • Locate the location of each employer’s Expo table in the College of Business Building and this information includes the floor location of the employer’s table and the employer’s table number.

To access the Business Career & Internship Expo on Career Fair Plus, please click the following link:

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