Information Systems

Information Systems Auditing Concentration

Information Systems Auditing provides accounting majors, graduates or others interested in auditing with the necessary skills to audit controls in the information technology applications and systems of an organization. The role of an Information System Auditor includes evaluating and encouraging organizations to maintain appropriate standards, procedures and controls for Information Systems. The importance of Information Systems Auditing has grown over the years due to rapid advances in information technology (IT) as well as the unprecedented growth in IT use globally in businesses and governments.

While offering tremendous benefits, IT use has also created significant and unprecedented risks since user organizations depend heavily on information systems for managing data, and providing operational and strategic support to management. Disclosure of sensitive information, tampering of data, and disruptions of critical operation are some of the risks faced by all IT using organizations. These risks are being further increased due to emerging use of wireless and other related technologies. The concentration in Information Systems Auditing is designed to provide the next generation of auditors with the necessary minimum skills so that they can play a major role in assuring the effective control of IT applications and technology in an organization.

Who Should Consider This Concentration:

If you are pursuing a BBA degree with a major in Accounting, a concentration in Information Systems Auditing is one of your options. If your current major is Information Systems, and you are interested in pursuing a career in IS auditing, you should consider a second major in Accounting with auditing as a concentration.

Career Opportunities

A quick survey of the job market yields a number of different types of job titles. Samples include Information Systems Auditor, Manager IT Audit, and Information Security Administrator. Prospect of jobs can also be improved by getting certification from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). The concentration in Information Systems Auditing is designed keeping ISACA recommendations in view.

Program Highlights

The information systems auditing major is a 33-36 (depending on the track and elective chosen) credit hour program that consists of existing courses from the Departments of Accounting and Information Systems. This major provides graduates with the knowledge to perform auditing techniques on computer based systems. As accounting systems have become more sophisticated and the requirements of new laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley dictate more documentation of the performance of these systems, there has been a commensurate increase in the demand for individuals with these skills.

The curriculum includes all standard requirements of BBA with Accounting major. Recommended courses for the concentration are shown below.


IST 211

(or CIS 260)

Fundamentals of System Development

(or Introduction to Programming)

IST 305 Information Technology for Competitive Advantage

IST 311

(or CIS 265)

Systems Development for the Organization

(or Data Structures and Algorithms)

IST 331

(or CIS 430)

Design and Implementation of DBMS

(or Data Base Concepts)

ACT 453 Information Systems Auditing

One IS/CIS elective from the following list is required:

IST 321 Systems Analysis Methods
IST 420 Project Management for Information Systems
IST 450 Web-Based Programming
IST 461 E-Commerce
CIS 408 Internet Programming
CIS 433 System Analysis

For a complete advising, students should contact the College of Business Undergraduate Advising Office.