Points of Pride

Michele Heath

Michele Heath-Smith2023:

Michele is now an Assistant Professor here at Cleveland State University.


Michele Heath was honored by the Cleveland State University Office of Research and members of the University Research Council for the 2017-2018 Dissertation Research Award for her presentation "The Impact of Organization Learning on Routinization of Electronic Health Records: An Empirical Study". 

Her research interests include the role of leadership, governance, culture, conflict, team composition, change management and other core management concepts in the context of health information technology. She holds a MBA from Fisher College of Business.  Michele also earned an undergraduate degree in MIS and MPA from University of Akron. Her work has appeared in the following proceedings: Americas Conference on Information Systems, Midwest Association for Information Systems, and Academy of Management. She has also presented her work at several national conferences.  Prior to joining the doctoral program at Cleveland State,  earning her doctoral degree and becoming a Cleveland State professor, Michele worked twelve years at Ernst & Young as a IT consultant.


In Spring of 2016 when Michele was a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) student, she was awarded the Excellence in Research award from the Monte Ahuja College of Business. The Doctoral Excellence in Research awards are earned by DBA students who have consistently provided research that is applicable, relevant, timely and provides insight.


Michele Heath is a proud DBA student and IS instructor who will be included in the Academy of Management’s 2015 Annual Meeting program, to be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada on August 7-11, 2015.                  Opening Governance          

The theme of the 2015 Annual Meeting Program is “Opening Governance”. Opening Governance will invite members to consider opportunities to improve the effectiveness and creativity of organizations by restructuring systems at the highest levels. Leadership systems, managerial control protocols, property rights, decision rights and other best practices for organizations will be discussed.

As one of the invited members, Michele will present her paper, "THE IMPACT OF COLLABORATION ON HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGE SUSTAINABILITY". Her paper contributes research in health system literature and examines how collaboration can create a sustainable healthcare information exchange. She will present the theoretical model and propositions and a discussion regarding the implications of her study will follow.

Watch Michele describe her experience as a DBA student here: