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The Global Business Center and Partners Announce the Return of GlobalTarget

It’s with great excitement that we announce the return of our flagship program, GlobalTarget. The program took a one-year hiatus and will resume in October with an updated approach.

Since GlobalTarget began in 2005, 90 Ohio companies have participated in this unique export mentorship and education program that aims to train a reactive exporting company into a proactive and strategic globally savvy enterprise.

GlobalTarget is a comprehensive, low-cost export acceleration and strategy-building program. Our goal is to enable your company to elevate and accelerate their international business by expanding your professional international network, providing expert guidance and feedback, increasing your staff’s global competency and savvy, and help you construct your own robust and effective global business strategy. 

What can your company expect by joining GlobalTarget?
  1. A Tangible Global Strategy – Ultimately, the end deliverable for the GlobalTarget program is that your company will walk away with a self-produced global strategic plan that you can act upon to create profitable and sustainable long-term international growth. Your company will be working with the GlobalTarget team to craft a robust global strategic plan. You will present your plan for feedback to a panel of mentors and experts at the end of the program.
  2. A comprehensive external assessment of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the global arena.  This feature will be delivered to you company directly by your GlobalTarget team mid-program and will serve as a launching point for creating your own informed global strategy. Two of the major inputs for this report are the following:
    1. Worldwide Market Prioritization Study – Each GlobalTarget participant will receive a customized global market research study conducted by the Export Assistance Network staff.
    2. DOC International Expansion Blueprint – Each participant receives this comprehensive evaluation conducted by US Commercial Service that establishes a company’s strengths and weaknesses as pertaining to key international variables
  3. A Department of Commerce Gold Key Service – FedEx sponsors one Gold Key Service (GKS) for each qualifying company in GlobalTarget. The GKS is an individualized foreign market visit where the Department of commerce will identify and vet prospective customers for the company in a foreign market, arrange meetings with the best prospects, and provide staff to support you during the meetings.
  4. A Relationship with an Experienced Mentor – Mentorship is a defining component of the GlobalTarget program. At the onset of the program, participating companies are paired with mentors from experienced global companies, one that has often been actively doing international business for many years with sophisticated processes in place at their companies. Mentors serve as a valuable contact in a company’s network during the program and beyond as they embark on their export journey. Most of our mentors have had years of experience coaching companies within the program.
What is the time commitment for this program?

GlobalTarget stretches 9 months from October to June, but meets just five times for full day sessions. Three sessions are reserved for strategy building, and two days are reserved for building tactical knowledge. Supplemental activities and work is assigned to be completed in the off months.

What kind of companies are best suited to participate?

Companies that have at least $2 million in annual revenue, are based in Ohio, and possess a dedication to grow globally are ideal for the program.

Applications for GlobalTarget are officially open. Space is limited to just 10 companies per year. To learn more or to apply, click here.